straight person commenting on bad representation: I love how its not even made into *A Thing* (:

Anonymous; "Your draw style is top but you got blakes skin wrong <3"


sometimes my emotion is just the word “fuckign” 

on the subject of otherkin hcs: ghostkin church


"both genders" phhhbbh btppphtbtttttbtbthtbpppthbttbththbt


i support trans headcanons, but please diversify them

i’ve seen “wait but what if this character was a TRANS MAN like they have the same presentation and the consequences are minor but they’re TRANS” way too many times to be honest

give me muscly dmab characters that ID as genderfluid or as trans women

dfab trans characters who don’t bind

trans characters don’t have to experience dysphoria, just like trans people don’t have to experience dysphoria

give me characters who can easily afford gender affirming surgery but don’t want it

give me nuanced trans characters who are out in some social circles and not others

ready for pain  tomorrow night!

the only #homestuck playlist that i actively add anything to anymore is my vriskat playlist b/c i’ll always be vriskat trash